Dan's eye before surgery.
Dan's eye after surgery.

Traumatized eyes, what heals them? Imaginative technology, painstaking research, unparalleled medical artistry...yes, and what binds these elements together at Advanced Vision Care is compassion. We are welcomed into our healing process in an atmosphere of dignity and kindness at every level. The pain and vulnerability of traumatic eye injury is eased as we feel ourselves in such capable hands. Dr. Masket, Orly, the techs and staff unfold the process, and over time, and many steps, we regain our sight. In my case, a lens replacement and artificial iris restored my vision and ended my pain and undid the damage of a 60 mph tennis ball. Remarkably, I am able to keep my eye on the ball while keeping the ball off my eye. It is as though injury never occurred. This is medicine at its finest.

A tennis ball traveling at 60 mph blasted into my eye. Iris blown open, lens trashed, vision gone, tremendous pain. Dr. Masket replaced my lens, installed an artificial iris, and restored my vision. I am able to see nearly as well as before the injury, and, essentially, pain free. I felt cared for and honored throughout the entire process. I can't imagine better care and a more successful outcome.


The artificial iris is limited to the USFDA investigational trial