masket foundation 2018 report

We are very pleased to report the Foundation’s actions over the past year. In accord with our first mission to participate in clinical research and to support our patients in clinical trials we were able to fund patient “Becky” to receive 2 Humanoptics artificial irises that were implanted at the time of cataract surgery; her surgery and follow-up care cost in excess of $12,000. She was part of an FDA investigation in which Advanced Vision Care was one of just twelve sites nationwide. We are very proud to have been part of the study that has resulted in FDA approval of the device. We have markedly improved the lives of our patients with the surgery.

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lauren Doss MD in the Foundation Clinic Exam Room with a Foundation patient

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lauren Doss MD in the Foundation Clinic Exam Room with a Foundation patient

Given the success of the November 2017 Dinner Gala we were able to fund our second mission of professional education in 2018. Our first Foundation Research Fellow, Dr. Zsofia Rupnik of Budapest, Hungary spent a successful 6 month clinical research program from February through August 2018. During that time she concentrated her research on a particular complication of cataract surgery and recently had one of her original research papers accepted for publication. Moreover, we have been able to initiate our goals to establish a clinic for the underserved and to provide surgical training in a Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Our first Fellow, Dr. Lauren Doss has begun to perform corneal transplant and cataract surgeries for underserved patients under our supervision. Establishing the Masket Foundation Clinic for Eye Care was not a simple matter, but we were aided by the guidance of Board Member, Daniel Chang, MD of Bakersfield; the credentialing and administrative set-up fees were in excess of $20,000. Starting surgery in November Dr. Doss has already performed 8 procedures!

Our recent 2018 Gala dinner and Live Auction were also very successful and have provided us with additional funds for patient care and physician training. With the generous help of our donors we will be able to support new Fellows for the next academic year and provide additional surgical care for the underserved. We are happy to report that in excess of 95% of donations go directly to patient care. We also will be making application for grants-in-aid from our ophthalmic industry partners.

We remain very optimistic for the future of the Foundation and Clinic and we will expand our educational and care giving activities in the coming year. We hope that you will consider the Foundation in your year-end giving.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year.

Samuel Masket MD Nicole R Fram MD